Thursday, December 11, 2008


This movie has shown a lot on how racism and hate play roles in today's society. You never know when you meet someone that later you might have to save them from a burning car or accident. Most people take life for granted. People need to slow down and realize what they could do to help others and even themselves feel better. Nobody cares what you think or about you because your not them. People just want themselves and to be left alone because they think everyone else is so bad and not able to trust them. I think if people slowed down to realize what they've done and could do the world would be so much better off.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

200 words on how ive been motivated

I have learned a lot from these presentations from the experts in our class. Ive almost been tempted to put a better stereo system in my car and see how it sounds. These presentations have taught me to except other hobbies that i have not been particularly interested in before hand. Ive been persuaded to attempt other obstacles, and be more successful at them. Some of these presentations showed me how to do things that Ive never even heard of before. One in particular was hunting, id never really been into it but he has changed my into going and attempting it. I like hearing about what people know because it gives me information and gives them the opportunity to share there wealth of knowledge in that particular Field. I liked demonstrating my knowledge with others that might not know as much in that area. I definitely learned a lot and will be interested in trying new things as I think many others will be also. This exercise helps people let out there ability's to do certain things and express themselves in what they know best.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What im going to do in my presentation.

I'm going to bring in parts of the engine to show the difference between a small block and a big block. I will also bring parts in to show what is in your engine and how it works. There will be lots of explaining and showing how it works and how you would use it. I might be able to bring the truck in but not sure because it’s an hour away. I will show how the engine puts power to the transmission which turns thru the transfer case so that the drive shafts can turn the differentials putting power to the ground. There will also be parts they can look at and ask questions about in which I will do my best in answering it. I can demonstrate the difference in four wheel drive and two wheel drives. I will also bring in safety equipment and demonstrate how it would be used. And show how stock street tires would not work as well as having bigger tires. I can bring my dad in and could show how mud racing works and demonstrate. My power point will break down what’s in the engine, transmission, transfer case, and the differentials. The presentation will provide information and examples of how these components work and go together.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What do you think of Mud racing?

I wanna know what your thoughts on mud racing are. So say what you like about it or dont like about it. Give atleast thirty words in your response.